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Scott Cleverdon

Nationality: British

Native accent: Scottish (Edinburgh)

Other accents: RP, most British, Irish (Dublin), American (East, West  & Southern)

Styles: Publicity, Narrative, Video Games, Corporate, Characters, Cartoons

Age range:  30 - 50 years

Publicity - BBC English Scott Cleverdon.
Publicity-fun- Scott Cleverdon
Publicity- Scottish- Scott Cleverdon
Publicity- neutral english-Scott Cleverd
Narration - Scott Cleverdon
Games & Animation - Scott
mr peaks.jpg

Pablo Disu-Lord

remote recording only

Nationality: Spanish (Born in the UK)

Native accent: British English (London)

Other accents: English as a Spanish foreigner

Styles: English listening activities, ads, characters (videogame, series, documentary, backround voices), narration

Age range: 14 - 35 years

Pablo - Demo 2
Male Top

Robbie. K. Jones

Nationality:  USA

Native accent:  Ohio, USA

Other accents:  Rural American, Irish, Fluent Spanish with “Guiri/Gringo” 

Styles:  Characters, Corporate, Narrative, Cartoons

Age range:  Adolescent - Elderly (b.1975)

Robbie K Jones - Mixed Demo Reel - Bobin

Peter Prukl

Corporate-Inspirational_Peter Prukl_6259

Nationality: Dual Austrian / South African

Native accent:  Neutral South African English

Other accents: Neutral "Transatlantic/European" English

Styles:  Corporate, Commercials, Audio guides.

Age range:  30 - 50 years

Singing: Yes

Corporate-Warm_Peter Prukl_625952385
Corporate-Confident_Peter Prukl_62595238
Commercial_Peter Prukl_625952385
Promo_Peter Prukl_625952385

Kurt Scheller

Nationality: USA

Native accent:  American (midwest). Standard mid-Atlantic

Other accents: Basic character actors: (NY mafia, southern USA (Alabama, Texas)

Styles:  Advertising, Corporate, Documentary, Characters, Narrative

Age range:  50 - 70 years

Commercial - Kurt
Commercial - Hollywood - Kurt
Commercial - Italian - Kurt
Corporate - Kurt

Craig Stevenson

Nationality:  British

Native accent: Scottish (Glasgow) & London (RP)

Other accents: Regional Scottish, Regional English, Regional Irish, Regional USA, Spanish

Styles:  Commercials, Corporate, Documentary, Characters, Narrative, Video Games

Age range:  20 - 80 years

Corporate - Craig Stevenson
Commercial Reel - Craig Stevenson 2021
Gaming Reel American-Craig Stevenon
Scottish Accent-Craig Stevenson
Characters- Craig Stevenson

Max Walker

Nationality: British

Native accent: English (slight Lancashire)

Other accents: Posh, London, Australian, New Zealand, USA  

Styles: Corporate, E-learning, Promotional videos, Videogames, Publicity, Characters.

Age range: 20's - 60's

Corporate - Max
Corporate 2 - Max
Promo Video - Max
E-Learning - Max

Garrett Wall

Nationality:  Irish

Native accent: Neutral, South Dublin.

Other accents:  Irish, French, Russian, Chinese, American, British . 

Styles:  Commercial, Corporate, Narrative, Documentary, Dubbing, Characters, Animation, Video games,

E-learning, Audio guides

Age range: early 20's - 50's

Singing: Tenor. Professional singer. Advertising + movie/TV soundtracks. Lead singer with Madrid-based group Track Dogs

Corporate Video - Garrett Wall
Documentary - Garrett Wall (The Pacific)
Documentary - Garrett Wall (Olympic Chan
Audio Guide - Garrett Wall (Teatro Real)
JULIAN - 48.jpg

Julian Azcarate

Nationality: USA

Native accent: American 

Styles: Commercia/Corporate, Narrative/Documentary, Dubbing, Characters, Animation/Video games, Academic/E-learning, Audio guides

Age range: Mid 30’s and up

Julian Azcarate - Ikea
Julian Azcarate-Natural
Julian Azcarate-COOL JAZZ
Julian Azcarate-Tutorial

Anthony Luke

Nationality: Other

Native accent: British

Other accents: RP/Mid-Atlantic

Styles: Publicity, Documentary, Narrative, Audioguide, Corporate, 


Age range:  30 - 60 years

Publicity - Anthony Luke
Documentary - Anthony Luke
Pub. (Spanish with Brit accent) - A Luke
Air safety Instructions - Anthony Luke
Promos - Anthony Luke
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